Mostdorproekt Group is engaged in all types of engineering survey regulated by terms of СП47.13330.2012 «Engineering Construction Survey. Main Provisions.».

Geodesic and hydrometeorological engineering survey is based on using state-of-the-art technical equipment, such as electronic batter levels, tachometers and Trimble satellite-based equipment. After plotting the survey, a digital model of the site/area is developed in order to computerize further work process.

The equipment for hydrometeorological engineering survey allows carrying out not only morphometric, but also hydro morphometric survey (hydrographic cast and water flow velocity).

Engineering and environmental survey involves route siting, geoecological soil and level water sampling, radiation survey, air pollution survey as well as noise effect.

Engineering geological survey involves not only traditional technology of geological drilling and laboratory soil tests, but also modern techniques for examination of the site geological structure.

Cost-benefit analysis includes forecasts of highway vehicle density. The forecast is based on traffic modelling in the zone of load areas. This method involves analyses and forecasts based on social indicators as well as those of transport infrastructure development in the load area. It also takes into account the tempo of motorization, the population growth and the increase in the employment rate.