Construction Supervision Services

Mostdorproekt Group provides construction supervision services, including:

1. Entry control of documentation completeness and its quality, project execution plan, work flow sheet and diagrams, approval of documentation, claim letters;

2. Review and approval of documentation prior to receiving the Customer’s consent;

3. Entry material, construction and products inspection, including: verification of validity of the Contractor’s control of the entry quality assurance of products, constructions, operational control of the Contractor’s work, participation in inspection board and independent selective tests;

4. Finalization and approval of the next scheduled work stage according to the contract (between the Customer and General Contractor);

5. Daily monitoring of the compliance between actual construction and installation work progress and the work volume in the take-off sheets;

6. Daily monitoring of the compliance between the schedule of work approved by the Customer and the actual work performed by the Contractor;

7. Daily quality assurance of the construction and installation work, including their compliance with the Design Plan and the detailed engineering documentation, technical specifications, including compliance with the approved flow sheet, verification of the Contractor’s operational control quality, including instrumental verification and testing;

8. Acceptance inspection of the work done, signing of acts of the interim acceptance and acts of inaccessible works;

9. Coordination of the Contractor’s papers ensuring operational acceptance of the reconstructed utilities and other civil works by the accepting organizations;

10. Completeness check and verification of the laboratory tests carried out by the Contractor.

Mostdorproekt Group has considerable and extensive experience and expertise to provide for construction supervision services as well as the necessary lab facilities.