Diagnostic study

Mostdorproekt Group is engaged in diagnostic study of highways, engineering structures or civil works, included in infrastructure of utilities lines.

Since the Group was established, our specialists have surveyed dozens of civil works, which was then put in reports on the analyses. The reports were officially approved by the State Expertise Committee.

The diagnostic survey of highways is based on up-to-date certified mobile diagnostic laboratory "Тrassa" equipped with a special unit "Dina-3М" for highway survey, evaluation of engineering capacity and operation condition. The laboratory equipment is calibrated and verified by the relevant State Measurements and Standards bodies.

The diagnostic study of civil works involves using up-to-date equipment for evaluation of concrete strength (concrete of Oniks brand). For examination of bridge piers we use motorized water facilities. Evaluation of piling condition, if necessary, involves diver inspection of foundation piling and adjacent water areas. The survey results help to evaluate the weight-carrying capacity of civil works, taking into account the potential effect of discovered defects, sequence of construction stages, long-term creep deformation and settling/shrinkage qualities.

The technical statement provides conclusions about the condition of the diagnosed construction as well as recommendations for further maintenance management.