Documentation on land management

Mostdorproekt Group delivers all necessary services for land management, land registry and appraisal work.

During the pre-construction phase the team of cadastral engineers is involved in data collection concerning adjacent land. They obtain data from the state cadastral bodies, Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions, and process and analyze the information. The obtained data are put into reports on legal properties inventory.

While designing the communications and utilities network, our specialists also develop all the necessary documentation for the adjacent areas layout (conducting projects on the layout and boundary-setting planning) and provide support for its further approval by the Federal Highway Association “Rosavtodor” (Russian Highways) and during public hearings.

At the Customer’s request, Mostdorproekt Group can deliver the following services:

1. development of layout diagrams for land plots on cadastral maps;

2. preparation and approval of the land allocation certificates;

3. obtaining consents for preliminary coordination of civil works allocation;

4. designing boundary-setting plans for land plots;

5. development of documentation necessary for land rezoning;

6. providing independent evaluation of the market price of exempted land plots and other estate objects;

7. estimation of redemption value of the land plots and other estate objects involved;

8. registration of the land plots with the State Cadastral Registration bodies;

9. cost and benefit analysis of land use planning and cadastral work;

10. engineering planning of civil works.

Mostdorproekt Group is actively involved in construction work support and provides feedback on any construction and installation details in the shortest term.