Engineering and Design

Mostdorproekt Group delivers service in all facets of highway and bridge design as well as engineering survey.

Highway engineering provided by the Group is based on up-to-date software packages Topomatic Robur - Highways, Topomatic Robur – Civil Constructions, CREDO Radon RU, CREDO ZNAK (road signs), OTKOS (sloping), OSADKA (shrinkage/ settling) GEO5.

Software Topomatic Robur - Highways uses a digital model of the site to carry out a complete highway design together with all the necessary junctions and quantity take-offs.

Software CREDO Radon RU is used for analysis of road structure, selection of the most suitable pavement layers providing for the estimated road load and, at the same time, being low-cost options

Software Topomatic Robur – Civil Constructions is used to design culvets and provide the necessary quantity take-offs.

Software CREDO ZNAK is used to design individual road signs.

Software OSADKA (shrinkage/ settling) GEO5 is used for critical-load and settling design of sloping to eliminate possible deformation effect.

Software packages Lira and SCAD, including a specialized package MIDAS Civil, are quite well-known and used for bridge designing.

In addition to the above-mentioned software packages, the companies use in-house software and design techniques, stipulated in the specifications documentation. These software packages allow designing any bridge construction. The modern design techniques as well as traditional approach provide for tailor-made results, efficient solutions and high quality assurance.

Construction cost estimate is based on using a special software package Grand Cost-Sheet, providing for the necessary financial cost analysis taking into account any possible price change. The Customer is able to choose any other options for cost analysis service by request.

Highly qualified personnel, application of state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities, up-to-date software and techniques allows delivering efficient solutions at low cost options. Owing to these, Mostdorproekt Group has been awarded a number of official acknowledgements (by State Expertise Approval) for their brilliant performance.