Mostdorproekt Group includes 2 companies: LLC Mostdorproekt and LLC Mostdorproekt-Plus.

LLC Mostdorproekt was established on 23 May, 2005 in the city of Voronezh (Russia) by a group of highly qualified specialists with an extensive and considerable expertise in transport construction.

LLC Mostdorproekt-Plus was established on 18 January, 2006, as a small enterprise operating under the simplified taxation system.

The key activity area of both companies is connected with collecting initial data for highway engineering and bridge design, topographical surveying, geodesic and hydrometeorological conditions, engineering and environmental survey as well as cost-benefit analysis; highway and bridge condition survey, highway engineering and bridge design, construction design supervision, development of documentation for land management and land registry.

One of the founders of Mostdorproekt Group, who is also the Deputy Director General, is an outstanding expert in highway engineering and bridge designing, Emeritus Builder of the Russian Federation, Emeritus Road Builder and Transport Worker, Yefim I.Grinberg. His work background is impressive with 35-year experience of working in the Voronezh Chapter of “GiprodorNII” (Highway Engineering Survey Scientific Research Institute), where he had worked as the Chief Project Manager for 30 years and the Chief Manager of Bridge Design for 15 years. Another founder of the Group, being at present the Director General, is Boris M. Soroka, who previously had also worked in the same institute for 12 years, including his position of the Chief Engineer for 8 years. In December, 2015, he was awarded Official Acknowledgement Certificate of the Ministry of Transport (RF) for his dedication and considerable contribution to the project on transport junction (the 43rd km of the А-105 Highway from Moscow to Domodedovo Airport).

At present, about 90 staff members (including a Doctor in Engineering Science and two PhD specialists) are employed by the Group. The Group structure includes two project divisions – Bridge Designing (consists of three project and one budget team) and Highway Engineering (four project teams and one team dealing with alteration of engineering utility lines and constructions), divisions of Topographical Surveying, Initial Data collection and Auscultation of Bridge Structures, Secret Service Division.

Mostdorproekt Group is proud of its highly qualified specialists, state-of-the-art equipment and IT technology, publishing facilities, equipment for design and engineering survey as well as legislative instruments for its activities. All of these contribute to the high level of documentation development.

Both, LLC Mostdorproekt and LLC Mostdorproekt-Plus, operate under official license as self-regulatory organisations, which allows them to deal with documentation development, engineering survey activity and provide Certified Quality Management.

Both, our committed customers and future partners, can be certain that business cooperation with Mostdorproekt Group will enhance their innovative development. We have always been doing our best to launch the projects we design as well as successfully completing them.

We have all the necessary assets to increase the number of employees, if required, to meet the demand.